Symposia and Study Days

The symposia and study days organised by the Centre may extend over one or more days; these events bring together both French and foreign participants, with some open to the public.

The themes addressed are directly linked to the Centre’s research activities and programmes, and consequently the proceedings or a selection of the most relevant papers may be published.

Four options are available:

• symposium / study day organised prior to a programme to establish the current state of knowledge and to specify the issues;

• symposium / study day held as part of a programme to stimulate debate and/or evaluate a particular stage;

• symposium / study day held at the end of the programme to assess the research that has taken place;

• symposium / study day not linked to a programme, but related directly to the Centre’s key research areas.

When the subject is in the same field as its own scientific research, the Centre may decide to host a symposium or a study day. Depending on the organising institution, these days may or may not be open to the public.

Symposia, study days and conferences in 2020 (in french)

• Workshop “Cultural Exchange, Performing Arts, Transnational History and Museology between Frederiksborg and Versailles (1660-1878)” (4-5 March, château de Versailles) - In English - POSTPONED

• Study day Saint-Simon “Des Collections de mémoires à Saint-Simon : réception des Mémoires au XIXe siècle” (14 March, château de Versailles) - CANCELED

• International symposium “Quelle souveraineté pour la nation (1789-1790) ?” (17-19 June, château de Versailles) - POSTPONED TO MAY 2021

• International symposium “Entre unité et division : Fêtes et cérémonies en Europe du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle” (25-27 June, château de Versailles) - POSTPONED TO APRIL 2021

• International symposium “Entre admiration et rejet : la perception de l’art français par les étrangers au tournant des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles” (7-9 October, château de Versailles)

• International symposium “Imperialiter : Le gouvernement et la gloire de l’Empire à l’échelle des royaumes chrétiens XIIe-XVIIe siècle” (15-17 October, château de Versailles)

• International symposium “Conjugalités et extraconjugalités à la cour de France, Moyen Âge-XIXème siècle” (22-23 October, Paris)

• International symposium “Nicolas Fouquet et ses réseaux” (fall 2020, to be confirmed)

Extramural participation

The Centre also takes part in extramural symposia, in France and abroad, either by assisting in drawing up the programme and/or by sending its members of staff or researchers to take part.

Extramural participation.

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