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The Centre de recherche would like to expand its research activity, developing and establishing long-term partnerships with institutions and companies. This policy aims to deepen our knowledge of European courts in the Modern Age, and will focus on training future researchers and publishing research work. For partners, benefits include, amongst other things, new sources of visibility and communication.

Research and dissemination are at the heart of the Centre’s mission. Concerned with advancing knowledge, research is undertaken with a primary and comparative approach, open to the broad range of social sciences. Court civilisation is explored in all of its aspects: social, institutional, architectural, artistic, ceremonial, and so on.

In the face of the wide dispersal of academic work in this area, the rarity of comparative studies and the institutional, thematic and geographic compartmentalisation of specialists, the Centre acts as a hub for international and multidisciplinary exchange. It endeavours to bring together academic work in its fields of study, generate new research and ensure its widest possible dissemination.

What are the tools for dissemination?

Documentary and applied research provide information for the different types of communication carried out by the Centre: conferences, academic courses and training and productions (publications, database and documentary resources).

How to help the Centre de Recherche?

Financial assistance that is given may:

  • support the general policy of the Centre;
  • support one of the Centre’s research programmes by financing a researcher for a year;
  • host French or international PhD students, covering the costs of their research and the associated transport costs thanks to grants (€7,500/year per researcher);
  • help organise seminars, conferences or events open to the public in the prestigious domain of the Château de Versailles;
  • offer IT sponsorship (financing outsourced solutions, expertise hours, software purchases, etc.);
  • support digitisation projects in France and abroad to enrich the corpus available at the Centre.

Consult the list of sponsors and donors of the Center that have supported the Centre

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