Calls for publication in the Bulletin du Centre

The Bulletin du Centre de recherche du château de Versailles publishes articles and studies dealing with European courts in the modern era (especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries). It welcomes contributions from scholars, postgraduates and senior researchers in all languages and disciplines, and will give thorough attention to innovative research approaches.

We invite you to submit your publication proposals relating to the following themes:

  • models of exercising power;
  • the structure and functioning of curial institutions;
  • habits and mentalities;
  • the circulation of men and ideas;
  • the representation of power (portraits, court scenes…);
  • palaces (architecture and urbanism, décor and furniture, collections…);
  • gardens (layout, botanic, hydraulics…);
  • ceremonies, festivities and celebrations.

Authors interested are invited to read the editorial policy of the Bulletin, the submission of articles and peer-review process, as well as the instructions for authors.

Consult our call for papers related to our research programmes:

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